What is Chip Timing?
I held the Chip in my hand, why was my time was not recorded?

ChampionChip timing allows runners to get the quickest results possible by using a timing chip attached to a person’s running shoe.  If you do not have the chip tied to your shoe you will not be timed.  If you hold a chip in your hand or pin it to your clothing it will not be read by the finish mats.

What is a B-Tag?

The ChronoTrack B-Tag is a timing device found on the back of your bib. Leave the tag, do not remove. For best results make sure bib is clearly visible on the front of your torso, unaltered or modified (do not wrinkle or fold B-Tag), and make sure the bib is not covered by jackets, runner belts, or water bottles, etc.

Are net times used for awards?

According to the governing body of long distance running, USA Track and Field, “Official timing begins with the start signal.”  This assures that the runner’s time is official.  This official time is used to establish the winner and order of finish for all runners.  We do not use net time, the time the participant crosses the start line until the finish line is crossed, to determine order of finish.  The logic behind this is that a race is a race to the finish line, not a time trial.  When you run a race, you are racing people, not the clock.  Therefore, in all JB Sports races, gun time, the time from the start signal until the runner crosses the finish line, will be used to determine the winner.  Net time will be available for our larger races, but this is provided for your information only, not awards.

What happens if it rains on race day?

Events are rain or shine.  Only a weather emergency can cancel an event.  Entry fees are not refundable.

Are baby joggers, dogs, rollerblades, or head phones allowed on the course?

Not permitted for safety reasons.

The USATF (the governing body for road racing) has banned headphones in USATF sanctioned road races.  Currently, all JB Sports LLC road races are sanctioned by USATF.  The USATF rules states “the visible possession or use by athletes of video or audio cassette recorders or players, TVs, CD or DVD players, radio transmitters or receivers, mobile phones, computers or any similar devices in the competition area shall not be permitted.”  In effect, runners using headphones could be disqualified if runner(s) finishing behind made a protest.

Why does my credit card show payment to Active.com?

On line entry for JB Sports LLC events is processed by active.com.  Your credit card statement will show payment to active.com for race registration.  If you have a question regarding online entry please call them at 888-543-7223.  Online entry traditionally closes 2 to 3 days prior to the race.