Zuse Distance Challenge

Run the 2018 Zuse Distance Challenge!


We encourage our runners to take on the challenge of completing 4 of our longest events in 2018!

  • April 8: Faxon Law Greater Danbury Half Marathon
  • April 29: Ion Bank Cheshire Half Marathon
  • June 3: Faxon Law Fairfield Half Marathon – NEW EARLIER DATE!
  • September 3: Faxon Law New Haven 20K/Half Marathon

How it works:

Registration for the Zuse Distance Challenge is a package. You will purchase & register for all 4 events in one payment. By registering for all races in one payment, you receive a savings of $30! Participants will receive a custom Zuse Distance Challenge medal, Generation UCAN sample pack, split of Henkell Sparkling Wine, sling bag and coffee mug. If you plan to run the Zuse Distance Challenge, we recommend that you do not register for any of the above events separately. If you have questions or concerns, please email maggie@jbsports.com or call (203) 481-5933.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our generous title sponsor, Zuse, Inc. or (203) 458-3295!

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